The talk describes the key challenges and considerations for developing responsible AI systems

The new two-photon microscope, Diesel2p, was developed by UCSB researchers in the lab of Spencer LaVere Smith

WiFi signal strength estimates crowd size through walls without relying on people to carry a device

Congratulations to William Wang on receiving the prestigious NSF CAREER Award!

Prof. Barry Giesbrecht named Co-Director of the multi-disciplinary center, replacing Prof. Scott Grafton.

Prof. Mary Hegarty leads the Multidisciplinary Research on COVID-19 and its Impacts (MRCI) Program.

Prof. Yu-Xiang Wang uses artificial intelligence to forecast the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prof. Krzysztof Janowicz receives NSF award to improve COVID-19 response policies

A weekly seminar series provides expert analysis and insights into the many aspects of the continuing crisis

Two pieces by Converge Magazine discuss Mind & Machine Intelligence research at UCSB