UCSB Campus Point
Credit: Tony Mastres

The Mellichamp Initiative in Mind & Machine Intelligence

A joint cross-disciplinary effort by UC Santa Barbara academics to understand the capabilities of the human mind and artificial intelligence (AI), and to design AI that is centered around fruitful interactions with humans.

Inaugural Workshop on Mind & Machine Intelligence

The first Workshop on Mind & Machine Intelligence brought together leaders in the fields of psychology, computer science, and economics for a series of timely talks and discussions on the current state and future directions of research into intelligence in both humans (brain and mind) and machines (AI).

The broad reach of AI across scientific fields, and its accelerating impact on nearly every part of human society, led to interactions that addressed key emerging topics, from the critical questions and techniques for research on intelligence to AI ethics and socioeconomic policies. We are thrilled to be able to release videos of the Workshop's two accessible public lectures for everyone to watch.

On top is Prof. Melanie Mitchell from the Santa Fe Institute, who opened the Workshop with her Plenary talk, titled "Can Analogy Unlock AI’s Barrier of Meaning?".

On the bottom is Hal Varian, Chief Economist at Google, who gave the Workshop's Keynote talk, titled "Bots & Tots".